Roady4Roadies 2021

Roadies are amongst the most essential figures in the entertainment world. The reality is, no road crew = no show and it’s with our mates in mind, and thanks to the overwhelming response to the inaugural event in March 2019.

Despite their hard work and dedication to the artists and events they work with and for, many roadies find themselves in precarious health and financial circumstances and Roady4Roadies shines a much-deserved light on the diverse range of highly technical and creative skills required of live production crew, while raising desperately needed funds to help those in crisis.

CrewCare co-founder Howard Freeman says,

“In its first year, Roady4Roadies raised $71,500.00 from being staged in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth,”

“The net profit of $62,820.00 went to the Support Act ‘Roadies Fund’ to assist crew in crisis.”

Highly respected veteran road warrior Ross Ferguson reveals,

"All my time in the music industry, there was always someone there to pick me up when I was down,”

“CrewCare guided me to Support Act. Because of Support Act, this caring kindness continued afterwards. They gave me the help that lifted me out of a crisis, when I really needed it. Thank you, Support Act. You saved me.”

Howard Freeman points out,

One of the most pleasing thing for us was how the entire spectrum of the music industry pitched in with their time and money to make it work.

 “They included promoters, publicists, managers, agents, venues, media and of course artists. They all worked along-side the best crew in the country... the best in the world!”

Jon Stevens, of Noiseworks and INXS fame, explains why he is just one of the many in the music industry to put his hand up to help. Stevens says,

“Road crew are the heart and soul of the Australian music industry,”

“They are the first people at the venue and the very last to leave. They put together the gigs and the concerts which make us look great and us look good and you enjoy. They are the industry’s unsung heroes”

“But the life of a roadie can be tough and uncompromising”, he added. “Their work is physically demanding and emotionally challenging. The unrelenting hours and pressures and travel often come with a huge personal cost. While road crew spend their lives supporting us, sometimes they too need our support”


The funds raised by CrewCare and Support Act to date have gone into a number of important initiatives.

In the first 7 months of this financial year (July - January), Support Act crisis relief grants to crew increased by 111% compared to the previous 12 months. They now represent 32% of our total grants to artists, crew and music workers. Crew currently represents 12% of users of the Support Act Wellbeing Helpline.

In 2019 Support Act Wellbeing Helpline placed 1,000 posters in production trucks Australia-wide and arranged for 2,000 plastic ‘Crew Cards’ to be handed out to crews at event sign-ons and in the workplace. It also initiated an agreement with the University of Sunshine Coast and Sunshine Coast Mind and Neuroscience - Thompson Institute, to undertake research specific to crew welfare.



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The Roady4Roadies project is reliant on goodwill from many for it's success. Our most significant contributors to the campaign are our supporters, without whom these events cannot take place. If you are in a position to offer corporate sponsorship, goods or services then we need to hear from you!   Click here...

Roady4Roadies is being staged by a voluntary team of Australia’s leading live production personnel and industry professionals. Meet the Roady4Roadies team here.



Support Act is a registered charity founded in 1997 by the music industry, for the music industry. Support Act was established in recognition that a career in music brings its own unique rewards and challenges.

We understand that a life crisis can quickly lead to financial hardship. We have helped in so many different ways since we were founded.

We’ve paid the rent, kept the power on, repaired instruments, provided petrol, bought school uniforms, helped rehouse a prized vinyl collection, replaced a rotten bed and kept a dog in biscuits. We’ve brought comfort and dignity to many people in the final stages of life.

We’ve helped get artists and music workers back on their feet when they have hit a tough patch and just need a breathing space.

Click here... to make a donation to the Support Act Roadies Fund.

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18 March 2020
Latest News
Roady4Roadies events will not be proceeding on April 5th. Moshtix will refund all tickets. The decision to cancel the events nationally has been made in light of the pandemic currently gripping the country.One of the worst affected industries is the live music sector,...

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