Roady4Roadies - Supporting the Crew Who Make Our Dreams Come True

Live production crew are the unseen but essential backbone of the music events that we all enjoy, but these roles can often take their toll on those involved.

An Entertainment Assist study, conducted by Victoria University in 2015, revealed shocking rates of mental health problems within the entertainment industry. Figures showed the rate of attempted suicide in the industry is more than double the rest of the population. Scarily, it also found road crew members considered taking their own lives nearly nine times more than the general population. Independent figures have shown one in six roadies commit suicide, over eight times the national average!

The aim of Roady4Roadies is to bring public awareness to the diverse range of highly technical and creative skills required to make our dreams to come true, and raise desperately needed funds to help those in crisis.

"When you, as a paying  patron, inhabit the world of magic, illusion, fantasy and power that is a live music event, consider the people that made this happen under all working conditions, never opening the doors late and holding up your adventure.


When you're in that crap seat in the back of the bleachers and you CAN hear and see the show - these people make it happen!


Riggers, truck drivers, runners, scaffers, site crew, pyro crew, audio crew, lighting crew, staging crew, video crew, flooring protection crew, security team, catering people, ticketing crew, accounting team, OH&S team, fork driver, loaders, engineering crew, set design and build crew, seating crew, barrier crew, camera crew… the list goes on.


Who gives them applause?
Who gives them consideration?
Who ensures their rent is paid?
Who cares for them when their bodies are broken?
Who helps them with emotional issues?
Who provides them financial assistance?


Support Act actually do give these humans support - its no act"

Howard Freeman, Roady4Roadies

“This is a chance for many of us to show our support for the real behind the scenes workers in the concert & touring business – the guys who push black boxes for a living and who we rely on for so much."


Brent Eccles, Eccles Entertainment


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The Roady4Roadies project is reliant on goodwill from many for it's success. Our most significant contributors to the campaign are our supporters, without whom these events cannot take place. If you are in a position to offer corporate sponsorship, goods or services then we need to hear from you!   Click here...

Roady4Roadies is being staged by a voluntary team of Australia’s leading live production personnel and industry professionals. Meet the Roady4Roadies team here.


Support Act is a registered charity founded in 1997 by the music industry, for the music industry. Support Act was established in recognition that a career in music brings its own unique rewards and challenges.

We understand that a life crisis can quickly lead to financial hardship. We have helped in so many different ways since we were founded.

We’ve paid the rent, kept the power on, repaired instruments, provided petrol, bought school uniforms, helped rehouse a prized vinyl collection, replaced a rotten bed and kept a dog in biscuits. We’ve brought comfort and dignity to many people in the final stages of life.

We’ve helped get artists and music workers back on their feet when they have hit a tough patch and just need a breathing space.

Click here... to make a donation to the Support Act Roadies Fund.

Latest News

10 July 2019
Latest News
 Crew are a key focus for Support Act, a charity that supports artists, roadies and others working in the music industry, and their families.Over the past few years, more and more crew have been reaching out to Support Act for help, but they are keen to ensure th...

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The Support Act Wellbeing Helpline is staffed by professional counsellors who offer expertise in all areas of mental health and mental health related issues.

The Wellbeing Helpline is supported by AccessEAP, a leading not-for-profit Employee Assistance Program provider with close to 30 years experience in mental health and workplace wellbeing. It has been designed especially for people in music and ensures the person you speak to understands the particular challenges of a career in the music industry and 'gets' your situation.

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