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Crew are a key focus for Support Act, a charity that supports artists, roadies and others working in the music industry, and their families.

Over the past few years, more and more crew have been reaching out to Support Act for help, but they are keen to ensure that they are reaching everyone in need.

Their sense is that not everyone is accessing the services that are available, perhaps due to the resilient and unassuming nature of many crew. But as we know, working backstage can be a low income, high stress, insecure vocation and many of us battle with addictions and depression.

This has in recent years led to crew coming together for events like Roady4Roadies which raised over $62,000.00 for the Support Act 'Roadies' fund to assist crew in crisis.

Now Support Act would like all crew (of all minds) to assist with a brief survey to better understand how they can improve services, and raise awareness of the 24/7 phone counselling wellbeing service they offer.

If you work, or have worked, in live music production, please consider taking the survey now.


Roady4Roadies returns this April!
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Saturday, 31 July 2021
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